Asking the Right Questions of Your Data Destruction Company

Data destruction (the destruction of documents, media, hard drives and/or defective or off-spec products) is an industry that may feel foreign to many. After all, for most of us, “trash” of any variety is often out of sight and out of mind. So how can you make a smart decision and hire the best information destruction company for your needs?

NAID AAA Certification

The data destruction industry has a member association called NAID (National Association for Information Destruction). Any data destruction company can be a member of NAID. However, NAID also offers a certification program called AAA Certification for member companies who would like to earn a designation as an organization that adheres to strict operational guidelines. These companies are also subject to unannounced site visits and company audits. As a consumer, you can rest assured that any NAID AAA Certified company is staying on top of the latest laws and regulations regarding information destruction.


Does the company you are looking at own their own destruction facility, or do they outsource? Companies with their own facilities are generally more secure and do a more effective job at keeping your unneeded data safe. If they do own their facility, ask if a site visit can be performed. Understanding what happens to data when it’s destroyed is important, as is being able to watch your own material being processed.

Length of Time in Business

How long has the company you’re looking at been in business? Generally, companies that have been around longer have seen it all and dealt with issues that newer companies haven’t.


How much capacity does the company have? Understanding this might impact whether or not they can help you complete larger jobs. For example, a company that only operates one mobile shred truck may not be able to process large warehouse cleanouts cost effectively. Even if you are starting with a smaller job, knowing what kind of capacity the organization has could help you with your future needs.


Does the company provide destruction services for all materials? Do they do paper, hard drives, media tapes and irregular/off-spec products? Full service companies will be more up to date on all information destruction regulations across the spectrum, and will be ready to help you with your other needs as well.

Northeast Data Destruction offers confidential destruction services, and is also a certified member of the National Association of Information Destruction, (NAID). We adhere to strict procedures and practices, assuring your confidential materials are handled with the utmost confidence and security. Contact us to with your information destruction needs.