Each business has sensitive documents that require proper destruction.

Everyone knows how important it is to properly handle sensitive information entrusted to your company by customers, employees, and clients or patients. It is vital to properly dispose of all confidential files, records, documents, and media, using a data destruction company that follows strict policies and procedures.

Without the proper safeguards, information (customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids and correspondence, memos) ends up in the dumpster where it is readily, and legally, available to anybody. The trash is considered by business espionage professionals as the single most available source of competitive and private information from the average business. Any establishment that discards private and proprietary data without the benefit of destruction, exposes itself to the risk of criminal and civil prosecution, as well as the costly loss of business.

Recycling is not an adequate alternative for information destruction. There is no fiduciary responsibility inherent in the recycling scenario. Paper is given away or sold, and companies forfeit the right to say how the paper is handled. Since there is no practical means of establishing the exact date that a record is destroyed, a company will struggle to defend against negligence if audited to sued.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all businesses to protect the personal information of MA residents. Shredding documents is one way to stay compliant. Read more about the regulations: 201 CMR 17.00: Standards for the Protection of Personal Information of Residents of the Commonwealth (PDF)

Scheduled pickups, on call services & one time purges

Our NAID “AAA” Certified shredding facility can accommodate any size shredding job whether a one-time project or ongoing contract. All paper is recycled following the destruction process, and a Certificate of Destruction provided to the client.

Secure Shred Bins: NEDD “All Shred” Program

We provide secure locked 32, 64, and 96 gallon storage containers to collect all confidential and non-confidential documents, eliminating any possibility of sensitive information ending up in your trash bin, and in the wrong hands. The containers are for document shredding but there is no need to pull staples, paperclips, temporary clips, three ring binder, etc. Dedicated containers for “non-paper” items intended for destruction can also be provided.


A large IT systems company was contracted to shut down an industrial server facility, and required a destruction company to handle all hard drives, backup tapes, and media shredding. Our company provided locked on-site containers for this material, and efficiently destroyed over 3,000 hard drives, 1,100 tapes, and over 900 CD’s in less than 48 hours. A Certificate of Destruction was provided directly to the IT systems company’ client.


A national retail chain was notified that a large trailer load shipment of product did not meet their specification due to a design flaw in the product. This material could not be sold or reach the secondary market due to potential liability concerns. NEDD provided secure transportation of this product in a locked and sealed trailer. The material was totally destroyed and disposed of utilizing our high volume shredder.


A national badge manufacturer required a company to destroy defective and returned security, police, and fire badges. The liability of a badge potentially falling into the wrong hands would be severe, and cause irreparable harm to the company and their reputation. Locked bins are placed on site and these badges are securely removed, shredded, and recycled on a periodic basis.


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