Understanding Who You’re Hiring

Do you actually know who you are dealing with when hiring a “certified” document destruction company?

I was doing some online research recently in an attempt to determine Northeast Data Destruction’s “ranking” regarding page position, competitors, and listing quality. I performed several different types of searches using various keywords and search engines.

One thing that I quickly discovered is that not all listings and search results are created equal.

Many businesses—those with established locations, regional addresses, and processing facilities—clearly state this information. You can easily perform a search using Google maps and “see” where these companies are located.

Or can you?

Most people are not aware there are websites that are used for information gathering only. It may look like a particular company has an established location in your state or major local city. However, after further research, you will find this is just a front.

These information gathering websites collect your company information and shredding needs, and they in turn sell your information to a number of established local service providers for a fairly large fee.

Most companies are not aware of this until they submit a form and are then bombarded with phone calls or emails from various companies vying for their business. Each one of these companies pays lead fees to the information gathering website organization, regardless of whether or not they are able to secure your business.

Do your research and be sure you are dealing with a local company that provides employment opportunities to locals, pays city and state taxes—and supports the local economy and community!

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