NAID “AAA” Certified for our 11th year!


Northeast Data Destruction of Mansfield, Massachusetts has once again received NAID Certification.

What does this certification process do for us – and our clients? The National Association of Information Destruction, (NAID), provides “certification” of secure document, media, and hard-drive shredding companies. This certification includes strict operational guidelines and protocol that each organization must adhere to.

The guidelines are strictly tailored to create secure practices – from employee qualifications and hiring, to transportation, material handling, documentation, processing, as well as facility security, video surveillance and recording. Certified companies are also subject to unannounced NAID audits, enforcing their protocols.

Since Northeast Data Destruction began operation in 2005, it has been our goal to provide the most secure method of shredding services to our clients. Since our beginning, we have processed thousands of tons of paper files and documents, hard drives, media such as video and backup tapes, and CDs. We have also processed obsolete credit and gift cards, off spec clothing, gift bags, medical products, jewelry and security badges.

NAID Certification has been the correct choice for our company, and is a widely followed and respected organization. For over 11 years, we have benefitted from the respect this organization represents, and are proud to display and promote our NAID Certification.