Proper Disposal of Old Electronics

At Northeast Data Destruction, we are always on the lookout for informative news pertaining to data security and the data destruction industry. At Northeast Data Destruction, we provide secure confidential shredding of all your sensitive documents, files, tapes, media, hard drives and off spec products. Our company is NAID “AAA” Certified, which requires that we operate by strict procedures and practices set forth by NAID. 

According to Recycling Today, a study on electronic devices sold online found that 57% of used mobile devices and a whopping 75% of used drives purchased from suppliers such as Amazon, eBay and Gazelle contain residual data.

As those within the industry know, failing to completely wipe devices containing personal information open you, and others connected to you, up to being hacked. The only way to truly know your data is no longer exposed to cyber criminals is to destroy your data, the proper way. We’re here to help – contact us today for all your data destruction needs.