Safety, Safety, Safety!

guarprodThe number one focus in any recycling business is safety, and if it’s not, it should be! Statistics show that the recycling industry falls high on the injury and fatality list for workplace related accidents. Most employers provide safety training so their employees can identify any work place hazard and know how to correctly handle these situations. No matter how much time and effort is put into safety tanning, accidents will happen.

There is a long list of laws and regulations that must be followed to ensure work place safety. At the end of the day, it is in the hands of the employer to button up the loose ends and make sure their employees are provided with a safe work environment.

Today’s industry provides endless options for machine safeguards and training programs for employees, from hard hats to integrated safety systems, to a proper lockout tagout program. Miller Recycling and sister company Northeast Data Destruction (NEDD) take employee safety very seriously. By installing a new “Safetech Guardian System” Miller Recycling and NEDD are increasing their efforts to keep the people that keep the operation moving forward, safe.

“The [Safetech Guardian System] is suitable for protecting a wide range of processes, including applications in refuse recycling, paper, board, plastic and metal handling, and many manufacturing and engineering functions. It’s designed around state of the art intelligent technology, optimizing performance to give powerful detection with more control, and offers unique protection against accidents involving industrial conveyors and access points leading to hazardous machinery.”

The Safetech Guardian system adds an extra level of security for any employee working in these potentially dangerous areas. Safe environments improve employee morale and over all well being.  They not only save lives they also promote successful business practices.

When choosing a vendor for your recycling and data destruction, make safety a priority.  Contact us to learn more about our safety programs for employees for a quote to handle your business’ waste.