Secure Document Shredders

Many companies will search the internet for “document shredding” to handle their annual purging of files, records, and sensitive paperwork. All companies need to ask the right questions from these service providers, to determine how “secure” each company’s process truly is for secure document shredding. The security of the material to be shredded is vital to you and your business. This selection process should not just be based on price.

NAID Certified

First – ask if the company you are considering is NAID Certified. The National Association of Information Destruction is an organization that monitors the operation of shredding facilities. Each Certified company must adhere to strict operational guidelines, which include background checks for all employees, access control for all vehicles and processing facilities, and 24 hour camera monitoring with 90 day backup. Each facility is also subject to unannounced NAID audits, enforcing these requirements.

Just being a NAID “member” does not require these operating requirements; the company must be “NAID Certified”. Ask for a copy of their NAID Certificate.

Strip Shredders vs. Pierce & Tear Shredders

Just as not all shredding companies are the same, neither are all shredders. “Strip” shredders simply cut paper into long strips. Unfortunately, when using this type of shredder there is the possibility that entire lines of legible type could pass through the shredder, creating a potential security violation if the information was improperly accessed.

On the other hand, a “pierce & tear” type shredder grinds the paper, creating various sized particles. The size of these actual particles are set by the shredder screen – the paper is contained within the shredder until it reaches a certain size, passing through this screen and out of the shredder.

There are no opportunities for legible information – larger than a quarter, to exit a pierce & tear shredder.

Compare the two types of shredding below. Ask the right questions, educate yourself regarding the shredding process. It is your information on the line. If you any questions on the contents of this article or the process of various types of shredders, contact us.