Commercial and Industrial Hazards

Commercial and industrial hazards can come in many forms. From auto accidents, to fires, weather and water damage, and more.

If your office or warehouse suffers fire or water damage, your first thought is getting your employees back to work, and your business back in operation.  But, you should also consider risk of an improper cleanup.

Proper Disposal of Documents

Not only should all damaged paper documents and files be recovered, but once any information is gathered this material needs to be properly and safely disposed of. And what about computers? Just because a computer may sustain damage, and your insurance company will cover the cost of replacement – hard drives
still contain vast quantities of company, client, and customer information.

Recycling vs. Disposal

Also – in many cases, water damaged inventory may need to be disposed of. When going through the disposal of damaged documents, it is important to consider if this material also contains sensitive product/company information or design. Rather than dispose of smoke, fire, or water damaged products, it is best to consider whether this material can be recovered for recycling instead.

Are there any reduced costs for choosing to recycle?

Choosing to recycle, rather than to dispose
, can substantially reduce the cost for both you and your insurance company. Reducing the size of your claim by taking advantage of these options will benefit you and your company in the future. The smaller your insurance claim, the less likely you are to be subject to a large increase in future premiums.

This is your company information, inventory, and product. Don’t let an overly aggressive restoration company or insurance adjuster steer you in the wrong direction. Contact us to find out what disposal method works best for your business.