Badges & Payment Cards

Unauthorized use of a badge or ID is the last thing a company or law enforcement unit wants.

It is critically important to destroy badges and IDs when an employee is dismissed or if there is a minor defect in the badge or ID. Throwing it in the trash isn’t protection. Payment cards are another source of potential liability for a company.

Northeast Data Destruction has been repeatedly hired for badge and ID destruction by government agencies, local law enforcement, and for credit and gift card destruction by retailers and manufacturers. The supervisors can witness the destruction in person, and receive a Certificate of Destruction for each lot processed.

Case Studies
pharmaceutical company
large retailer

When a pharmaceutical company had a large reduction in work force, the badges for their former employees were collected by the HR department. These badges allowed access to facilities where controlled substances were used for the manufacturing of controlled drugs and also where confidential formulas and other information were held. The company could face serious legal issues if an unauthorized person was to access the facility. Northeast Data Destruction was hired to pick-up and destroy the badges for the former employees. We provided a list of each past employee’s name and badge # that was destroyed, along with a Certificate of Destruction.

A large retailer had a substantial lot of Gift Cards – although expired they still had the potential to be presented and mistakenly used or returned for “credit”. Our company was brought in to remove and securely shred the cards. The remaining plastics where then recovered and recycled.


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