Hard Drives & Media

Even if a hard drive has been “wiped”, some data can be recovered by motivated thieves.

Northeast Data Destruction offers all types of destruction services including hard drives, thumb drives, printers/copiers, fax machines, cell phones, media tapes, CD’s, medical equipment, x-rays, microfilm and more. We will disassemble electronic components, recover and destroy the hard drives, and properly recycle the electronics.

It is vitally important to remove and properly destroy hard drives and media due to the confidential data that remains after the machine is no longer in use. As an example – one 200 GB hard drive can contain up to 40,000 file boxes of information!

Hard drives are processed in a dedicated shredder, with a capacity to shred up to 1200 hard drives per hour. Upon request, we can provide NAID “AAA” Certificate of Destruction and serial number log on all hard drives for your records.

Case Study
IT Systems Company

A large IT systems company was contracted to shut down an industrial server facility, and required a destruction company to handle all hard drives, backup tapes, and media shredding. Our company provided locked on-site containers for this material, and efficiently destroyed over 3,000 hard drives, 1,100 tapes, and over 900 CD’s in less than 48 hours. A Certificate of Destruction was provided directly to the IT systems company’ client.


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