In the wrong hands, off-spec or defective products can be a severe liability.

Protect your brand’s value by preventing off-spec products from making their way to market. Avoid complaint calls from unwitting customers of black market products and don’t let those prototypes get into the wrong hands. Northeast Data Destruction can destroy your trademarked or off-spec products.

Medical devices, pre-production or confidential design prototypes, must be properly destroyed to assure there is no possible release of ideas or future patents. We have worked with auto makers, high end leather product brands, medical device manufacturers, and others to protect their trademarks by providing off-spec product destruction services. No product is too big, or too small.

Case Studies
Auto Maker
High-End Brand

An auto maker delivered prototype rims to be destroyed, due to a manufacturing defect. The company needed to eliminate any liability exposure should the product find its way to the used auto parts marketplace. Each rim, weighing 30+ pounds, was shredded into unrecognizable pieces sized 6” x 3” or less. This metal material was then recycled.

A high-end brand of leather purses and wallets was unhappy with the quality of a delivery of product to their warehouse. To ensure that the products weren’t sold on the black market, 1,000’s of leather purses with the trademarked emblem were brought to our facility to be destroyed. This lot of material was processed in less than 30 minutes.


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