Case Study: The (Im)proper Destruction of Faulty Security Badges

There are many companies offering confidential shredding services. These national shredding companies, ranging from a “man in a truck” mobile shredding service to the behemoths of the industry, have a main focus being paper shredding. But, what if you have items such as: hard drives, CD’s, tapes, off-spec clothing, credit and gift cards, defective products, production prototypes, or others that you want to have properly and professionally processed?

Here’s the story of one such company:

A security badge company has clients throughout the US and in foreign countries. The production process includes a rigorous quality control inspection practice that detects any imperfections. Every badge that fails inspection is destroyed.

The security badge company was keenly aware of the importance of end-to-end secure handling and proper destruction of all defective badges. Improper release of even a single badge could irreparably harm the respected reputation of the company, not to mention the security issues it could create.

Northeast Data Destruction was called in to perform an evaluation of the badge destruction process. At the time, everything was being done in-house, or at the manufacturing location. Working closely with the company, we inspected the “shredded” end product after the in-house destruction process and found a portion of badges that had not been entirely destroyed. This was an unacceptable discovery for the company.

To remedy this problem, Northeast Data Destruction was hired to replace the in-house process. We installed secure collection bins for storage and removal of all defective badges. We periodically swap-out these bins, and transport them in alarmed, self-locking, and GPS tracked vehicles. Processing is performed at our high capacity NAID “AAA” Certified shredding facility equipped with full access control, alarm system with continuous third party monitoring and 24 hour digital surveillance with 90 day backup recording. 100% of the badges are shredded, saving the company the cost of performing this service in-house.

The company then receives a NAID “Certificate of Destruction” for documentation of the process. They now have peace of mind knowing there is no opportunity for misplaced badges, or “missed” badges ending up in the scrap barrel, and potentially in the wrong hands.

If you’d like an evaluation of your company’s shredding process, contact us.